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Dreams of an Editor

Donald G. Perrin

I responded to student emails, updated grade-sheets from late assignments, and filed final grades on the web page. I created new webs for three courses that start tomorrow. I entered carefully prepared presentation materials with opportunities for interaction. Finally, I could get to the April issue of the Journal. Sun seeping through the blinds warmed my skin and dulled my senses. Slowly my eyes closed as I fought to get out another issue…

Suddenly the office was flooded with light. Three editors were pounding on keyboards, volunteers were organizing articles that arrived today and sending them to reviewers across the country and around the world.  My secretarial team was responding to authors and requests for information. My legal team was debating best practices to acknowledge sources of illustrations. I was no longer a virtual office but a real publication company! I had the all the help I needed to improve and expand the Journal.


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At that moment, my wife and daughter arrived on their way to Commencement (graduation) ceremonies. I had to leave now. I was virtually pulled out of my chair, picked up coat and tie, and headed out the door. My expanded staff made me unnecessary for the rest of the day.The April issue would be completed when I returned.

Now I could enjoy the long boring speeches and the endless line of graduates racing across the platform to receive their diplomas. I could not believe how many students I knew. Then there was picture taking and family celebrations. What a wonderful experience. But I had to get back to the office…

My computer screen had gone black and the sun had set. My tiny office was empty except for piles of work to be done on my desk. The editorial was unwritten and scores of other tasks were demanding my attention. My coffee was cold and I was hungry. Maybe I could do better tomorrow with a fresh start? But I would not be here tomorrow. It had to be done today to be ready for the web person and final editorial review.

 I reheated the coffee and went to work.

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