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eBooks are published by the Journal under the Creative Commons License. This means you may copy and distribute these in numbers less than 50 so long as the source (IJITDL, author name, issue, and page numbers) are identified. Copies cannot be sold or  used for commercial purposes or for profit without permission from the Journal and the author.

A Distance Education Reader: Insights for Teachers and Students (Acrobat file)

This eBook written by Brent Muirhead. is a 145 pages designed for two-sided printing, but it will print single sided if required. Three sections within the book deal with Literature and Research, Training Faculty for the Online Environment, and Advice for Online Students. To download the Acrobat file, click here.


Conquering the Mountain: A Framework for Successful Chair Advising of Online Dissertation Students (Acrobat File)

This 55-page eBook is authored and edited by Kimberly Blum and Brent Muirhead, with contributions by Gary Robinson, Marilyn Simon, Freda Turner, and Ina Von Ber. There are ten chapters directed to faculty and students. To download the Acrobat file, click here.


The Journal editors trust that you will find these eBooks are valuable resources for your journey in online, flexible and distance education.